Key Objectives

To optimise the application of technical and administrative resources within the project and among the consortium, and to ensure compliance with the project and WP objectives; and to undertake risk assessment and management.

To implement a Quality Plan within the project and the European Commission and to verify that all aspects of the EC requirements for communication and reporting are met.


Task 7.1: Preparation of Quality Manual

A Quality Manual will be developed to provide good practice guidelines for the main activities of the project.

Task 7.2: Risk management and contingency planning

A risk management strategy will be developed to ensure project risks are minimised. The Project Co-ordinator (PC) and WP7 leader will use these data to identify risks which require special attention.

Task 7.3: Secure management web-site for administrative coordination

This task will include the development of an effective ICT strategy and a restricted access website (Deliverable 7.2) to act as an effective management tool to track and monitor project progress and ensure that all deliverables and milestones are met and all reports are prepared in accordance with contractual requirements. Risk management and contingency plans will be developed if necessary.

Task 7.4: Plenary technical and management meetings

An inaugural meeting and eight plenary technical and management meetings (listed here) will be held during the project aiming to meet at all major industrial facilities. Additional technical meetings may be called by the WP Leaders, especially at the critical stage of each WP.