Key Objectives

To disseminate the project scientific and technological findings to a wider audience for the benefit of other construction (transport) engineering companies, recyclers, end-users and clients, as well as academic and research actors.


Task 6.1: Dissemination website

The aim of this task is to develop and maintain a dissemination website (Deliverable 6.1) which will hold public information of the project that could be freely available for download.

Task 6.2: Industrial and end-user targeted dissemination

Within task 6.2, the consortium will adopt the EC guidance to undertake successfully outreach activities in order to communicate and engage (at different levels) with actors beyond the research community. Amongst other, these activities will include:

  • Quarterly bulletins and annual newsletters
  • 4 Annual industrial seminars
  • At least 4 public lectures
Task 6.3: Dissemination scientific advances

The consortium will continuously write articles in high-profile scientific journals in the field of surface transport, concrete and environmental engineering and in professional magazines to inform the scientific community of the project findings and to raise awareness among practitioners.

Task 6.4: Media online database and media training

This task will be lead by the PLO. The aim of the task is to establish and continuously maintain (Deliverable 6.8) an online media database, which would be publicly available. This database will include all the non-confidential multimedia material developed by the project (including images, videos, non-technical briefs) that could be used by the public for the production of presentations, TV clips and videos (educational and for the general public).

Task 6.5: Exploitation Agreement

An Exploitation Agreement will be prepared by the Exploitation Manager (EM) to define the mechanisms for protecting the Foreground IP.

Task 6.6: Technology Implementation Plan

Task 6.6 will establish a plan (Deliverable 6.6) for the use and dissemination of foreground (including socio-economic impact and target groups for the results of the research). This plan will be used to determine additional applications for the developed technologies and to assist dissemination and exploitation.