Research/Industry Seminar – London – 6th July 2015

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The international seminar was hosted at the Skempton building on Imperial College’s South Kensington campus in London, UK. The event presented experimental and analytical work undertaken in FP7 European funded Anagennisi project.

Welcome – Introduction
Professor Ahmed Elghazouli
Imperial College

Anagennisi – Outline
Professor Kypros Pilakoutas
University of Sheffield

The use of recycled rubber in concrete
Dr Reyes Garcia
University of Sheffield

Dr Dan Bompa
Imperial College

Steel fibres in Concrete
Mr Harris Angelakopoulos
Twincon Ltd

Textile fibres (RTPF) in Concrete
Mrs Ana Baričević
University of Zagreb

SRFC structures and possible industrial applications
Professor Alejandro Pérez Caldentey

Circular Economy and LCA
Dr Kyriacos Themistocleous
Cyprus University of Technology


Professor Kypros Pilakoutas, from University of Sheffield, outlining the key objectives of Anagennisi project